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Direct Mail Marketing

We strive for unparalleled customer support & service. Everybody from our marketing consultants to production team keeps our clients interests at #1.

- Maddison Lake, President of Everest Direct Mail

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A Little Bit About What We Do

Everest Direct Mail serves small, medium and large businesses with direct mail marketing, postcard printing and mailing as well as thousands of other services such as producing handwritten yellow letters for real estate investors, transactional mail, unique postcards and amazing mailing lists.


Everest Direct uses ESC approved recycled paper and we practice green recycling standards. 

- Our Most Popular Products -

Yellow Letters

Handwritten Yellow Letters

Low Cost Handwritten Yellow or White Letters are not only highly engaging but highly effective in delivering peak return on investment performance for many industries, most notably, the Real Estate Investor industry benefits greatly.

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

Let us gather, organize and analyze a comprehensive mailing list for your business. We use Advanced Profiling techniques to identify the perfect target audience for your message or product. Everest works with over a dozen DMA Level 3 data compilers; we even have an in-house data science team that helps create more effective mailing lists.

Direct Mailer

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is the only marketing method that allows for precise targeting of demographics way beyond any method that's used online. By using Everest Direct Mail, you are beating any other method. In fact, Direct Mail Marketing is MORE cost effective and achieves a much higher ROI than online marketing.

Transactional Direct Mail

Transactional Mail

We help businesses send invoices & private customer information much faster and more accurately than companies doing it in-house. State of the art "Relay" imaging equipment, helps Everest track, log and prove 100% mail-piece accuracy. This ability not only makes Everest HIPPA compliant but also assures no billing or legal problems for your organization.


Postcard Marketing

Colorful, Shiny and Beautiful Postcards deliver your message loud and clear the moment a recipient receives it in their mailbox. Everest offers postcards as small as 4x6 and even mega postcards up to 18 x 25. All cards are printed on offset presses, with 12pt board & full gloss. Everest produces and mails millions of cards a month.

Snap Pack Mailers

Snap Packs

Snap Perforated Mailers are one of the most cost-effective methods to create a highly precise and official looking mail-piece. Like self-mailers, these double perforated mail pieces combine the practical elements of a self-mailer, coupled with a tear-away remittance slip. Snap Mailers have a much higher engagement level than other mailers.

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We offer thousands of other services.

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