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Data Cleansing and Mailing List Data Management

If you have your own mailing list or set of data for a direct mail campaign, you want to be sure that the data is as accurate as possible. Having an inaccurate or out-of-date mailing list can be a huge detriment to your direct mail efforts, resulting in wasted materials, postage, and time!

Millions of Americans move residences and business locations every year, so your list may be riddled with undeliverable mail that isn’t up to date. It’s estimated that at least 8% of mail that is sent is undeliverable because incorrect addresses – but we can prevent this through the use of an NCOA Update, or National Change of Address update.

At Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, we can ensure your mailing list data is the most accurate by cleansing the data through the NCOA system. By scrubbing the data in your lists to the most up to date address information, any errors in addresses will be caught and fixed before your direct mail even hits the mail stream.

A National Change of Address update also boasts additional advantages – such as address standardization, appending Zip+4, correction Zip Codes, and coding Carrier Routes (if you’re interested in doing Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)).

Let us help you save hundreds of dollars and time from sifting through return mail by cleansing and managing the data in your mailing list!

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