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Dry Cleaning Design Ideas and Postcard Templates

These dry cleaning marketing postcard designs have a proven track record of success. Other Dry Cleaners have had amazing success with not just postcards, but Letters with Real Stamps, HANDWRITTEN envelopes with a special card inside guaranteeing 100% open rates.

Our in-house design specialists will work with you every step of the way, ensuring everything from the mailing list to the design is completely covered.


Also consider adding Everest Integrated Marketing where we combine Direct Mail, Facebook and Google Advertising for just pennies more per piece and increase your ROI by 200%

Postcards are available in any size up to 6" x 11" - Redesigns are completely customized to fit your needs or we can design your card or letter from scratch.

Dry Cleaning Postcard "Weekend Plans"

Dry Cleaning Postcard ID1 "Weekend Plans"

Dry Cleaning Postcard "Look Your Best for Less"

Dry Cleaning Postcard ID2 "Look Your Best for Less"

Dry Cleaning Postcard "Dry Cleaning Coupons"

Dry Cleaning Postcard ID3 "Dry Cleaning Coupons"

Dry Cleaning Postcard "Drop Off Your Dry Cleaning"

Dry Cleaning Postcard ID4 "Drop Off Your Dry Cleaning"

Ordering from Everest has it's perks!

  • Offering the Lowest Prices in the industry without skimping on quality of product.

  • Dedicated expert account specialist working with you on every aspect on your job from development, delivery on not just your first job, but every job.

  • We produce everything in house in our wholly owned manufacturing facility. No middle men or reselling.

  • Advanced Quality Control procedures assuring your project is accurate.

  • HIPPA and GLBA Compatibility.

  • FSC Chain of Custody Sustainable Products used 100% of the time.

  • Authorized Mail Service Provider, USPS Partner and Mail Compliance Experts.

Request Free Dry Cleaning Print and Mail
shipped directly to you.

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