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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you print in-house or do you job out or outsource?

Answer: We pre-press, data scrub, print, collate, UV Coat, cut, perforate, die-cut, fold, insert, meter, stamp and tab IN-HOUSE. We own the equipment we use to process your mail, business cards, magnets and thousands of other products. On RARE occasions we will need to outsource a specialty die-cut or foil stamping job that we simply want to save the customer money on by not passing equipment costs onto you.


What does this mean for you? Lower prices, better quality, and better customer service. we are the source, not the middle man. This means your account representative can walk onto the production floor and see your production job in works; this also means we can get your mail out faster and cheaper. When choosing a direct mail provider always ask: "Do you own the equipment you produce our job on". After all, you hire us for three things 1) Design the job 2) Print the job 3) Cheap Postage. A middle man always marks up another printers' prices.



Question: Do you offer print only services?

Answer: We do offer print only services, however, our specialty is in direct mail. Printing (non-mail) is its own large industry. Everest Direct Mail specializes in navigating the complex and often tedious USPS Postal Regulations while producing direct marketing for our clients. We often produce business cards, magnets, table tents, tickets and other items as inserts into mail pieces. However, we always are open to print-only jobs.



Question: How does your fee structure work?

Answer: 70% of our new business comes from companies that have been 'burned' by other Direct Mail companies. It's also good to note that 95% of our monthly revenue comes from repeat clients. This being said, we have a "what we quote, is what you pay". When we send you a quote, it comes in a simple easy to read format. We have found this to be non-standard, which means we reveal what we charge for everything in one line item including printing, cutting, inserting and labor. Transparency is the key to success in this business. We feel you will appreciate it as well.



Question: Do you have minimums?

Answer: We do not have minimums for certain types of jobs. If we do require minimums it's typically at 300 pieces, which is well below industry standard.



Question: Are you HIPPA Compliant?

Answer: Yes, we use file based processing for our folder inserting and we have a greater than 10 Million piece to 1 fail rate with files based processing. We provide financial and medical clients a point base operational audit report showing where the sheets are fed into the inserter, then passed through the machine and ultimately fed into the envelope, where we prove that the right document was fed into the right envelope and nobody will be receiving the wrong information. This prevents major liabilities. Please check out our compliance HIPPA and RFTP policy here

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