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Hand Addressed Envelopes

New from Everest Direct Mail: Hand Addressed Envelopes!

If you are looking for a boost in conversion rates with your mailings, hand addressed envelopes is a great option for Real Estate Investors, Attorneys, Auto Dealerships and any businesses that target consumers and are looking for a near 100% open rate.


(Click here for a video)

A lot of prospective customers assume these hand addressed envelopes are just printed in a handwritten font, not with this product. You get the Value and Cost Savings of automation while creating a product that looks, feels and is indistinguishable from an actual 'human hand' addressed envelope.


So what's the secret sauce? 1) We have a line of "Auto-Pen" machines, these machines are the same equipment that signs presidents signatures. These machines use a REAL pen and 2) we deploy a unique calligraphy technology which makes every letter, every pen stroke and drop of a pen to paper unique. This makes every envelope one of a kind, and every letter slightly different from one another. Even hand writing experts cannot tell a difference.

Here are some features:

  • Real Pens

  • Unique Calligraphy Technology is used as the 'secret sauce'

  • Machines run 24/7, which creates faster turn-around times

  • Lower price point compared to other services offering the same end-product, (Humans are Expensive!)


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