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             Hand Written Marketing Letters

                         Starting at .40 cents/piece

The most economical direct mail option for reaching your potential sellers are with Handwritten Yellow Letters.  


Handwritten Yellow Letters are produced with no computers, font, or printing processes. Personally written just for the client and mailed in hand addressed envelopes, your letter looks like it came from a friend, not a faceless company.


That is where the power comes from, the personal touch!


Yellow Letters are created using yellow, pink or white tablet style lined paper, legal pad size, with real handwriting and your message can be read in red, blue, or black ink or a combination of multiple colors.


We will work with you to create the right marketing letter for your business goal, one that gets results.

Yellow-Letter marketing has been proven over the years as one of the most effective marketing methods available.  When sending a personalized, handwritten, hand-addressed yellow letter; it is not uncommon for marketers to experience response rates as high as 15%. A 15% response rate can inundate you with calls so be sure to be prepared! It actually works so well that many of the known big timers are using it as well! These are people like Ron LeGrand, Than Merrill, Hunter Paschall and others! Yellow letters truly are one of the most efficient and fastest marketing tools around!

Furthermore, running analytics on your yellow letters campaign is a fantastic idea and should be deeply considered by anyone running this type of Direct Mail campaigns. Tracking and analyzing a stagnant campaign can help shed light on the hold ups, identify the issue and allow you to adjust your yellow letter campaign as needed. Questions to consider when analyzing your campaign include: How many letters are you sending out? How often are you sending them? How long have you been consistently mailing letters? How many phone calls are you receiving? How many people are you actually talking to? What are you saying people when you pick up the phone? How many appointments are you running? How many deals are you making?


You will want to send out at least 20 letters per day, 4-5 days a week and for a minimum of at least 3 months. Again, this is where you will want to budget wisely and accordingly to your company’s details. Results will vary from month to month, which is why a minimum of at least 3 months is recommended. Doing it for a full year will give you a much better picture of what your true response rate actually is.

Another crucial notion to mention is this: Answer the phone! Maybe even consider making a commitment to always answering the phone for the first 90 days of your yellow letter campaign. Building rapport and delivering your message are the next important steps to consider once you’re actually on the phone with a potential client. Also consider why they’re selling, what the seller wants from you, and how fast they will sell if you can give them what they want. This will hopefully allow you to start booking multiple appointments. If not, you to need examine what it is you are saying when booking the appointments. Whatever you do and say, make sure it is all in the direction of making them want to book an appointment! Analyzation of your campaign is absolutely key once the wheels are in motion!


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