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HIPAA and Financial Privacy Act Compliance

Everest Direct Mail is fluent in working with Covered Entities as a Business Associate as defined by HIPAA. 

Every Covered Entity is Different depending on the institution, before doing business we:

- Work with you on adapting your BAA Policy and Procedures per your Covered Entity P&P on file.

- Build a privacy and file destruction program.

- Assign a HIPAA controller administrator overseeing your P&P.

- Verification and Reporting is provided per you P&P.

Everest Basics for HIPAA Security:

- Secure Mail Facility 

   - Sign in Sheets

   - Surveillance System with Facial Recognition

   - Knock Lock Doors

   - Weekly Secure File and Paper Destruction

   - Serial Based Inserting with Whole Job 'Fail' fallback assuring no piece is ever accidentally mailed to the wrong             person.

Looking for something more simple? Simply download our editable Business Associate Agreement PDF below.

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