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Medical Office Marketing and Newsletters

Starting at .40 cents/piece

We create professional-looking newsletters, complete with your own logo. We feature high-value content to get the best reach possible for prospective clients. Our newsletters are fully customizable and allow you to connect with your community.


This customization makes our newsletters even more informative and effective. The possibilities are endless! Newsletters can advertise new medical procedures, appointment services, feature health insurance plans, or announce community events. Newsletters are a powerful way to build and maintain your client base.


Become the go-to Medical office for your area today!

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Newsletters are a powerful way to make sure that you stay connected with your patients on a year round basis! By reaching out to them on a consistent schedule, you are making sure that you are always kept at top of mind. This will ensure that your clients remain loyal and continue to give you their business for years to come! Newsletters truly are a fantastic way at making sure all those clients you worked so hard to accumulate over the years stay with your practice and are also fully engaged in their care. This can be a monumental undertaking, and stress some doctors out so much with everything else on their plate that it can often be an overlooked option for maintaining your clientele. This is where our excellent customer service professionals, our climbers if you will, come into play! We would love to take this responsibility off of your already full plate and help you to create lasting relationships with the all the customers you have worked so hard to acquire.

Managing patient communication is actually easier than one may think, especially when an outside professional company like Everest Direct Mail & Marketing is hired to do the work. Simplicity is really the key when it comes to designing an effective and engaging newsletter. Your staff and Google are two of the biggest resources when it comes to creating a newsletter. Obviously, you are the expert in your given field, therefore you would be the best person to write educational pieces for the newsletter. Let’s be honest though, no doctors actually have the time to do this. Therefore, this can be taken care of by someone from your staff and Google. With a little research, a simple and informative piece can easily be written to use to engage with your audience over. We over here at Everest Direct mail & marketing are also happy to do all the work for you if you don’t have an employee to take care of it.


Lastly, use pictures! This may seem like fairly obvious advice but you would be surprised at some of the newsletters that come around! Seasonal newsletters and photos are also a great option and allow you to display your practice as you please. Gather up the staff and grab a photo in front of a tree or some pumpkins! Consistency is just as important here as content. If your clients and staff both know that the first week of the month is when the newsletter goes out there will be anticipation looking forward to it’s release! Also, be sure to include a personalized sign-off at the end of your newsletter, that way you ensure you are really adding that personal touch!


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