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High-Speed and Mail Commingling Services

We pride ourselves on getting your mail produced with top quality and top speed. We’re able to get your mail out the door and moving in the mail stream through our impressive high-speed mail presort capabilities.

Specialized mail sorting equipment help the process move quickly. Optical Character Recognition equipment reads and verifies the addresses, then sprays intelligent Delivery Point Barcodes on the mail piece, verifies the barcodes, and finally the mail pieces are sorted by specialized machines by Zip code.

With our mail commingling services, we are able to get the low postage rates you’re paying when using our direct mail service  – what you pay is what we pay, we never make money on postage!

Not only does the commingling mean discounts, but it means faster turn-around for your mail as we can send out large quantities of Standard Class and First Class mail together.

See the efficiency and speed work for yourself today!  

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