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Quality Control Procedures and Processes

80% - 90% of the cost of a direct mail piece is postage. Therefore; it's critical that every piece is produced accurately and with the utmost highest standards in quality.
Everest Direct Mail has taken years of experience and developed industry leading quality control practices that follow every job from inception to presentation, to presorting and, to the Post Office. We want all our customers to feel comfortable that their mail, and money are in good hands. We have an in-house quality control department whose jobs is to assure mailings are delivered accurately, and with the utmost highest quality.
What does this 4 step process look like?

Step One:

Green QC

After a client submits their templates, artwork, designs or ideas, as well as their mailng list to their Marketing Consultant, the design then goes through a pre-press production process. This is where the marketing consultant works with an internal design department to assure all preliminary project assets are fully compatible with mailing, production and compliance.

This includes tasks such as: Pre-Cass Certification, Postage Analysis, Print Quality Resolution Checks and more.

The in-house quality controller gives the Marketing Consultant a "Green QC" which enables the Marketing Consultant to move the project forward in the production process.

Orange 'QC' is a digital final conversion, where a final proof is generated from the raw data and converted graphic assets. At this phase, pre-press generates a FOF (Final Output File), which is sent back to the Marketing Consultant for final digital checks on compliance and accuracy for postage, mail-merge, N-UP, IMB, STID, MID, sort and count checks.

Once approved by the Marketing Consultant and the client, the quality control specialist gives the job an Orange approval which therefore moves the job onto the next level of production.

Step Two:

Orange QC

Step Three:

Yellow QC

Once Orange QC is approved, pre-press packages all FOFs and pushes the job jacket to our production department. At this point, the job starts to move quickly through our production process. The press department generates what is called a "lead". This is essentially where press prints the first several pages of the mail job which may be large sheets for postcards, envelopes, inserts and other applicable physical materials. The purpose of this step is to assure quality and accuracy AFTER it is physically printed.

The quality control specialist reviews the leads and takes the physical printed materials, job jackets and the quality control form directly to the Marketing Consultant responsible for the job. The Marketing Consultant will do a final cross check on all materials to assure it matches everything the client wants.

If passed, the job gets a yellow 'QC'. After yellow 'QC' the job is printed, cut, finished, sorted, stamped within hours or less.

After a job is produced and is ready for final postage application, quality control gives a pink QC to finishing. The purpose of this QC is to assure the postage type class, sort, imprint and final Intelligent Mail Barcodes are accurate. This assures the right mail speed is applied, and the job is ready to be delivered to the post office.

Step Four:

Pink QC

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