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Why your postcards are not getting calls

The New Year is upon us. This means a lot of businesses ( you could be one of them), are thinking about their next years marketing plans. This means you are probably thinking "why did this, or that not work". I am sure you read countless blogs and other verbiage, like the one you are reading right now.

First, this is for you budget postcard people, yes, you know who you are... the ones that want to send the 4x6 postcard or MAX the 5x7. Those are all fine and good, and it works for certain messages, however 98.7645% (this is an exact number from countless guessing) of the time, the small cards get trashed, over and over and over again. People stack their small postcards in a neat little pile, then throw them away. Large MASSIVE postcards cost a few cents more, but the engagement increase is bounds higher.

So going into the new year, try the big ones, or heck, even send a letter. Already sending Jumbo Postcards? You should check out other blog posts.

- Maddison

#directmail #postcards

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