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They say, when marketing to someone, advertise to them five times... Why?

Have you ever heard that adage that marketing companies tell you, “you need to be seen by your customer five times before they buy something”? Many clients of marketing firms feel it’s just a way for that company to charge more. Other say that if the marketing company is worth “it’s salt” you should be able to market to a potential customer just once and BAM, they buy. That is simply not true.

So today, we are going to talk about humans and marketing to said, humans. Specifically, mailing marketing letters or postcards.

Through countless testing among infinite research firms, the vast majority of consumers, which include businesses (as business owners or managers are also consumers), must see an advertisement 5, or more, times to establish 'product' trust, that's right, not brand trust, but PRODUCT trust. The days of brand loyalty are rare and dead. Your marketing message MUST be focused on establishing a product you sell, and why someone should buy it. Given the product is riding on your branded advertisement, your business is, therefore, sitting in the most convenient space for the consumer to buy your product.

MANY brands sell MOST products through 'right place, right time convenience' (we call this R.P.R.T.C). So where does this info circle back to around mailing someone 5 times? Easy, the goal of getting your product/message across is to mail someone a multiple of times, therefore increasing your 'coverage' per person, once someone has seen your message five times or has five of your letters or postcards sitting on their counter or desk, who are they going to do business with? That's right... the most convenient, the one with their message right in front of them. You.

- Maddison

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