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Marketing as a Real Estate Investor [part 2]

In the first installment of this blog I discussed some of the tools that Real Estate Investors could and should use for their marketing.

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Building off of what we learned last week, let’s start with an important aspect of your marketing: Tracking your results

Tracking your results → ensuring your Return On Investment (ROI):

  • Tracking your results is a must for your marketing! How else will you know if your marketing dollars are going to good use? The answer is, you won’t. At least not to any degree of certainty. There are other benefits to tracking your results too. If you track your results you can get real data on what works the best for you, (and what doesn’t) and then it becomes a matter of repeating your successes to create a finely tuned marketing engine. There are quite a few ways to track your results, and they can be integrated into your direct mail campaigns, and other aspects of your marketing. One great method of measuring your campaigns results is using a call-tracking system. You can use a unique phone number for each of your campaigns, and measure the success of campaigns by the number of calls each one gets. Even if you have a marketing system that works well for you, you may want to do some A/B testing with slight tweaks to your message content, or maybe your mailing list, or the type of envelope, etc. This will show you if you can continue to improve your success or if you have found the perfect mix for your business.

Happy Hunting, fellow marketers

- Casey

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