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Don’t get “left on read” with your direct mail letters

Too bad there aren’t read receipts for your marketing letters, right? One of the most challenging parts of any marketing method is figuring out what content will engage people and make them interested enough to contact you. With direct mail, the difficulty goes one step further – you have to combat the “left on read” dilemma. If your letters or postcards are getting read – why are the calls not coming through? Your content is the make or break point once a recipient opens your letter.

How to make your content meaningful enough for someone to pick up the phone:

  • Treat them like a person!

  • When typing out copy for your letter, address the recipient directly. Use merge fields personalized to them so they know you at least put effort into acknowledging them as a person, and not a record on a mailing list. Use their name merged in multiple times, their property address, and any other information from your mailing list that will make your reader interested in seeing what applies directly to them.

  • Add attention-grabbing calls to action

  • Describe the benefit for them – focus on HIGH value, LOW cost to ensure they don’t find any risks in reaching out to you.

  • Don’t demand anything, just suggest why you’ll provide a valuable service.

  • Give them an invitation – not a command

  • Invite them to call you! Give them an option – not a sales deal. People see typical marketing phrases and lose interest due to the pressure of interacting with a salesperson.

  • This makes readers feel safe and less pressured.

  • Use words that describe what the prospective clients would want to do, not what they have to do

  • No one likes being bossed around – especially when they’re being marketed to.

  • Let them know that, yes, you can make them money, but it’s THEIR choice. Don’t imply that they should call or it’s their loss.

  • Be original!

  • If you’ve mailed before or have seen direct mail marketing content that you want to emulate, use that content as a starting point for your next mail campaign. Don’t send out the same typical letters.

  • Take the time to write out what you would respond positively to if you were to receive a letter.

  • But…keep it simple!

  • It’s tempting to type out a long letter about what you do, the deals you can offer, the amount of experience you have, etc. But too many words will hide the actual point of your letter and make readers lose interest – and fast. Keep the content short and simple and let them learn more about you when they actually call!

Contact us at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing if you want more information and tips about writing successful direct mail marketing copy at or give us a call at 866-811-1553 and let us help you start a campaign today!

  • Nataliya

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