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Who, what, where, when, why & HOW? - Planning your direct mail campaign

Who is receiving your mailers? AKA, who’s in your demographic? Are you hyper-targeting potential clients such as home owners for your real estate company? Or are you aiming for a more general mailing of people in a specific age range in a few zip codes to market your store? No matter who you’re targeting, you need to make sure you know your prospective clients to determine what type of mailer would interest them enough to contact you.

What are you hoping to achieve? Think carefully about what you’re aiming to get out of your campaign – is it recurring clients? More high-value customers? Or are you just spreading awareness about your brand? It’s vital to determine what you want your results to be – beyond just “making money.”

Where are you mailing? This ties in closely with the “who” question in planning out your direct mail campaign. Think carefully about the area and what type of mailers will gain the highest response rate. Knowing what the regions are like will help you decide on envelope style, letters, paper, and content – all of which can make or break the success of your response rate.

When should you mail out? It all depends on the type of postage you use and what time of the week you’d like your mail to hit homes. If you use First Class Postage, it is guaranteed to reach homes within just a few days of being sent out, so it’s much easier to time the arrival. If you use Standard Class mail, your mail arrival time depends on two things: presort processing and the location of the recipients, so the delivery window can vary. We’re here to help you plan accordingly, whether you want your mail to hit on a specific day of the week, or just avoid hitting on the weekend.

Why plan so extensively? So you can stay on top of your marketing game! There’s nothing worse than a mismanaged and disorganized mail campaign. This means planning to know when to expect calls, and to gauge if you need to change your materials and/or content for your next mail campaign. Planning out the mail arrival, the type of person you’re marketing to, their location, and learning what works and what doesn’t will help you set up successful mail campaigns every time.

How can all of this be achieved? Through Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, of course! We’re here every step of the way to set you up – we can get you a mailing list, analyze your response rate, review your content, give advice on materials, time your mailers, and everything in between!

If you want to learn more about planning your direct mail campaign, feel free to give us a call at 866-811-1553 or explore our site,, for samples and other featured posts on setting up your mailers.

- Nataliya

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