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Fishing for deals | Marketing as a Direct Mailer

Marketing can be a tricky game to play, but we are here to take the guesswork out of your marketing, and provide consistent quality, and reliable results. If you’ve kept up with the past few blogs (Marketing as a real estate investor, Tracking your results, and maintaining marketing synergy) then you know about some of the tools and best practices for marketing as an REI.

If you haven’t read those blogs yet, check them out!

Moving on…

These marketing channels can all be used by REI’s to get more leads and more deals, and stay ahead of the competition. The trick is using them intelligently.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website

  • PPC

  • SEO

  • Social Media presence

  • Referral-based Marketing

  • Relationships with realtors and attorneys that come into contact with REI deals, but do not invest themselves can often be a great way to get leads without actively seeking them out, but is not a reliable source for deals.

Using the marketing channels mentioned above, you can have a consistent flow of leads → deals to work on.

Direct Mail Marketing is another marketing channel that is probably the most reliable, but requires a lead list to get started effectively.

Acquiring quality leads is an important (and necessary) part of Direct Marketing and your campaign’s success hinges on the quality of your mailing list and how “actionable” your message is. If your lead list is not good, then it won’t matter how incredible your outreach method is, or how amazing your advertising message is, it will likely fall on deaf ears. However, when you have a good lead list and a good message you can count on your success.

There are many ways to collect leads manually or you can purchase lists from data compilers. There are pros and cons to both options, but list quality is key for your success.

Marketing with a bad lead list can be like fishing where there are no fish. Marketing to your high quality list is more like fishing a well-stocked pond. Which way will you catch more fish?

(Need a list for your direct mail marketing campaign? Give us a call at 866-811-1553)

Happy Hunting,


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