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Is your phone not making a peep? Check your mailing list!

Once of the biggest fears people have with direct mail marketing is that their mailing list will be inaccurate and their advertising won’t reach their intended audience (or any audience, for that matter). It’s a valid fear – a bad mailing list can mean wasted materials and postage (AKA WASTED MONEY) and no results! But, we here at Everest ensure that each list goes through an NCOA Update prior to hitting the presses, including lists we provide for you, – ensuring the addresses in your list are as up to date as possible.

NCOA stands for National Change of Address. The NCOA Update is a product of USPS and it’s a secure dataset of 100+ million change-of-addresses that enable us to get updated, new addresses from businesses, families, and individuals who have moved. It goes back 48 months and it is the best way to ensure the chance for address accuracy and mail deliver-ability.

How does it work? We take your mailing list and run it through the NCOA system, which updates each list and appends a Zip+4 Code. Then, we review the updated list for error-ed result codes (such as Unknown Street Name, Non-Deliverable Address, Multiple Address, etc.) and “scrub” the list as necessary. By doing this process, we help provide a higher chance of deliver-ability of your mail. Best of all – the NCOA Update comes included in your total cost! It’s not an additional charge or hidden fee.

With Everest Direct Mail & Marketing’s use of the NCOA Update, you can expect fewer pieces of return mail and higher deliverability rates, without wasted cash! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your prospective clients through our careful processes and let’s get mailing today! Call us at 866-811-1553 or shoot us an email at

- Nataliya

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