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Talk that talk – direct mail lingo

If you’re looking through forums about direct mail marketing or scrolling through direct mail sites, you’re going to see a ton of different jargon that may be unfamiliar to you. I’m here to break it all down and help you make sense of all the hubbub so you can stop wondering and start marketing. Here are some common direct mail words & phrases:

  • Bulk postage rates: A reduced postage amount direct mail companies provide that is lower than regular USPS postage. Cheap postage is one of the best reasons to do direct mail marketing through a direct mail company instead of producing your mailers in-house and sending it through the postal service yourself. (Imagine paying $490 versus just $290 for postage!)

  • Dupes & de-duping: dupers are two or more identical names and/or addresses in a mailing list. De-duping is a cleansing process that removes those dupes, keeping only one of the individual names/addresses to be mailed to.

  • Variable data/image printing: Printing a mail piece with named and/or addresses merged into one or both sides of the mailer. This adds a highly personalized touch. (For example, imagine getting a letter that says “Dear current resident, I’d like to buy your property” vs. “Dear Jane, I’d like to buy your home at 300 Property Lane.)

  • Seed mailer: A mailer sent to yourself, which will arrive around the time your mailers hit homes. The way to ensure you receive a seed mailer is simply to add your name and address to your mailing list.

  • Bleed: No, direct mail will not hurt you. A bleed refers to printing and it means the extension of color to the edge of the page (meaning there’s no white space between the color content and the edge). It’s done through printing on an oversized sheet of paper and cut to the final desired size. For example, an 8.5x11 sized letter with full bleed will be printed on an 11x17 sheet or large, and be cut down to standard letter dimensions.

  • Proof: First print/sample of a mail piece, sent to client for review and approval or catching mail piece aspects that need revision.

Stock: The type of paper (or envelope) the mail piece is printed on. “House stock” means a paper type that is always in the inventory and does not need to be special ordered. ​Have more questions about the basics or more detailed direct mail lingo? Feel free to call us at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing 866-811-1553 and let us help you make sense of it all and set up a mail campaign!

Look forward to hearing from you!

- Nataliya