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Happy Easter!! BLOG: Getting Attention with Direct Mail

Standing out in the Crowd, Getting their Attention, Capturing the Room...These are all essential elements of marketing. Billboards, newspaper advertising, industry magazines, letters and postcards are just not enough. The internet is a vast landscape of sites and groups that one must join and post and comment on a regular basis. You can spend 60% of your time just getting your word out! BUT...if you tie it altogether in a campaign with a theme or a character or even a color scheme and logo, you will get, as they say, “More Bang for your Buck”.

This is a recent experience…

I am an Artist. That is the way I think of myself. Although I have other employment, my private time is spent creating art and working out ideas. I have now officially created enough “art” to have overtaken every surface of my house. So, I decided to start selling this art.

I listed my creations on the usual internet sites and paid the listing fees and researched how to use Keywords and Hashtags and enticing pictures. But, my art still sits on every wall, table and corner of my home. I decided I had done something wrong. So, I went back and retook pictures and rewrote the descri