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Pinterest: The Visual Wonderland of Ideas and a Cash Cow if you know how to use it.

My boss told me one day that he had “lost” his wife!

Shocked, I asked him if he knew where he lost her.

“Yes”, he mumbled. “In Pinterest!”

Pinterest is a site filled with pictures and images, colors, ideas and incentives..

You just enter what you are looking for in the search bar and suddenly hundreds of images with ideas load onto a long scrolling page. You can take the pictures or ideas and PIN them to your own Pinterest account in your own selected categories(Boards) for reference any time you would like. It is the old “File Cabinet” idea only on the internet!

When Pinterest first started, it was filled with Do It Yourself ideas and decorating concepts and wedding plans. Now, it is a world for business to reveal their product, innovations and advice.

Perusing Pinterest, you find something that you like (real estate marketing) and you scroll your mouse over the particular picture of the idea that you like and you see a heart or a thumbtack. Clicking the heart puts the idea into your “liked” category. Clicking the thumbtack allows you to put it into a “titled” file or as they say, “A Pin”. An example would be that you find a picture or image for “100 ideas for marketing your home”. You click on the thumbtack and and a box pops up that lets you save that picture into your personal board. If you have not created a board yet, there is a Big Plus symbol that says “create board”. And you name a board that you want this picture to be put in to. Now this board with this idea in it, is available for others to see if they are “following” you on Pinterest or if they are looking for Keywords that are in your Board title.

The trick to getting people to see You and Your business is not only using good keywords, but to also put your idea in several boards with various titles. This practice is similar to using Hashtags. When others discover you, they can then “Pin” your idea to their own board.

When creating your various Boards,use a link to your website and your blog in all of your new Pinterest postings. Use words that relate to the field of interest. Use the name of the town or neighborhood, the words Buying or Selling, the style of home. This attracts specific lookers who will Repin your pin which generates interest and leads! Post your blog and your website. Pictures are essential! Views from the property and special amenities also pull in Pinners!

Pin other people’s pins into your Boards as this increases the circulation! Cross post from all of your other sites. Posting a picture on Facebook? Pin it on Pinterest. Have a beautiful shot of a patio on Instagram? Pin it on Pinterest. Is there an incredible park or school near your listing? Pin the names and pictures and websites of the school and then the park on Pinterest.

Here are a few suggestions and Keywords (there are millions to use!) to start you Pinning and collecting Pins(possible Leads)!