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Niche, Specialty, One of a Kind

There is no one that

thinks like you, talks like you and feels like you!

But, how do you find that One of a Kind-ness in your business?

Become an Expert!!

Being an expert works especially well in real estate. It allows you to focus on a specific geographical area, or a type of property or a type of interest from the client. It gives you the freedom to work in an arena that interests you!.

There are so many aspects to each category of specialization! If you would like to sell a certain kind of home...which kind? Certain types of homes attract certain types of buyers. If you, personally love Victorian homes or perhaps Log Cabins, become an expert on the history and nuances of those types of homes. Let your clients know with mailers and postcards and announcements. You will form a strong connection to not only the home but also to the buyer or seller of the home because of common interest and because of your Expertise!

Define your Niche by Residence Style

Victorians (or “painted ladies”)




Mid-century modern

Arts and Crafts

Cape Cod

Log homes