Thank You has a HUGE impact whenever it is said.

It is also a Bigger impact when it is written.

We do not write those words enough. But in Real Estate it Must be written as often as possible!

Taking this lost art and making it a part of your everyday habits will create an everlasting impression on both old and new clients. Drop a hand written Thank you note in the mail after the first interview with your prospective client. This creates a solid first impression and helps them remember you!

When you have completed the transaction, sending a Thank you note is not only the most logical time but the most valuable. This helps not only seal the deal, but they will remember you in the future and refer you to family and friends!

Unexpected Thank yous create business in the future. Someone attends an open house and leaves their contact information; send a Thank you! A possible client decides to try and sell their home themselves; send a Thank you for their consideration! You meet someone at the Chamber After Business monthly soiree, send A Thank you for a great discussion! These unexpected moments are like finding a $20 bill on the ground! Shocking, exciting and thrilling and they tell everyone about their luck for the rest of the day! It is a Stand Out moment for your business!

Thank you notes are for those who Help you!! Service people work hard not only at their jobs but also in public relations! Service is not always an easy profession as you know being in the Service Industry yourself. So when they receive a Thank you note, their day, week and month is made! And...Service people need homes! If you go to a restaurant and receive exceptional service, write a Thank you to the restaurant and the server. Include your business card and tell them “Thanks for the great service! I understand being in the Service Industry myself”. You made an impression and Service People do not forget the Good moments. The same can be said for your Dry Cleaner or Plumber or Lawn Service. Everyone likes a pick me up, and you, being in the Service Business, know exactly how that feels!

Other moments deserve a Thank you, too. After you have toured your Buyer Client, let them know you enjoyed the time spent with them. The one year anniversary of their purchase is a special moment to send a handwritten Thank you note! Your client sends you a referral...THANK YOU! Another unexpected moment for a Thank you is after a long telephone conversation. This becomes not only a reinforcement of your conversation,but a compliment for the time spent. And finally, a new business opens up and you stop by. Send a Thank you for their time, congratulate them on their new business and line that you will refer your clients to them! They will reciprocate 10 fold!

Everest Direct Mail can help you develop Thank you notes, personal cards, yellow letters and postcards that convey your Brand with a personal touch for every real estate occasion!

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