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Direct Mail Mistakes

There is artwork and copy and format and timing in Direct Mail.

There is the mailing package, excellent copy and precise design to think about. There is also color combination of papers, font size and style and graphic usage to decide.


The BIGGEST MISTAKE…..Is the Mailing List

All the bells and whistles and art will not change the outcome if you are working with the wrong Mailing List!! Yes, the right verbiage and art may receive a better than normal response, but it is the Mailing List that will draw the response numbers.

Time and effort must be spent on developing the Right List. Before starting the design package, work on developing the Who- What -When -Where and Why of a list for your campaign. Title the list for its distinction (Income level, target area, particular interest group) and follow up with the statistical numbers for further analysis.Your lists can be fine tuned for each new campaign.

Another Mistake made in Direct Mail is Not Testing your list, your typeface, your design and style and your copy!

I recently heard Neil DeGrasse say “It is an entire exercise in finding what is True. It is a Hypothesis, a test! And then you get a result!”

Large companies test everything from font size to art and graphics. Many small businesses don’t have the time or manpower to track their responses from one mailing to another. But, not tracking allows for failure, wasted money and lost opportunities. When it comes to Direct Mailing, you should never assume that you know what will work! Times change. Interests change and your Mailings need to become part of the ebb and flow! This can be achieved by tracking and testing.

At Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, we can provide highly-targeted mailing lists for your di