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Open House Postcards

Postcards are small

Postcards are concise

Postcards show their message in seconds

Postcards are essential to the Open House Event! Sending your prospects a Postcard that is eye catching, colorful and direct, announces the dates with flair!

OPEN HOUSE Postcards should be sent in conjunction with signs with balloons, advertisements in the paper and online websites and email blasts.

The cards should be artistic and suitable for framing or hanging on a bulletin board!

A catchy phrase that fosters a smile is a “Keeper”, as they say!

A photo of the home or its backyard or flower beds entices a second look at the Notification.

Add something a little different to each Open House and announce it on the Postcard.

Consider having the Open House event with a fun theme, such as ‘champagne and popcorn’ or a Motif that goes with the design or age of the house. If the home is a classic Victorian, place Tea and Cookies in strategic locations within the house. Continue the theme on your Postcard and throughout your campaign.

Open House Postcards need to “Punch” your information! Headline your focus! Open House is the important news! Featuring is the detail word! Announce the” theme” or motif. Offer something of value such as a market analysis, a guarantee or coupons to local businesses. Tie the rest of the card up with the Open House address, time and date. Of course, all of the realtor information, websites and links are placed on the front of the card!

Postcards are a great eye-catching, tangible marketing tool. They should be formatted to your specific preferences and needs, with endless customization in a multitude of sizes – regular, oversized, and custom cut.

Everest Direct Mail & Marketing can create colorful, attention-grabbing designs with your images, logo, and any content you’d like to include – using your own design or one created uniquely for you by our talented and experienced designers.

Capture prospects’ attention through the visibility of a customized, colorful postcard in their mailbox and watch your response rates soar!


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