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Logos are the Face of your Business

A face tells the world who your are. Your eyes are the window to your soul and your smile is the key to your heart. A Logo must shout who your business is! It must be the window to the soul and the key to the heart of your business. A Logo equals identification!

There are specific reasons for a company to have an excellent Logo.

Logos are the first impression

A Logo must be different than everyone else’s in your field. Your customer or client needs to be able to recognize You and Your business. It is critical for success. The design must be hard to forget and instantaneously recognizable whether on letterhead, business cards or billboards.

A Logo has a message

Color, line, font and slant all sends a message to a potential customer. Are you Quick (slant)? Are you sophisticated (tan) or trendy (orange or red)? Suppose you want your font to state that you are dependable (Times New Roman or Baskerville) or futuristic and straightforward (Helvetica, Ariel or Franklin Gothic). Or that you are even a little bit different from the norm (Space Age Round, Jokerman, Matisse)

A Logo must attract new customers

Clients see hundreds of Logos a day on just about everything, and they know a good Logo when they see one. Sending the right message with the right Logo with the right color and font to potential customers, helps them choose you over the competition. The Logo is the piece that helps persuade them.

A Logo can keep your old customers

Of course, good service is the main element in keeping loyal customers. But, there is always that new company coming to town with the brighter, better and more excellent new thing! Make sure that your company image is up to date with color, art and design. A great Logo should be designed for those who are looking for a loyal, long-term relationship.

Everest Direct Mail & Marketing designers are talented with years of experience in creating designs and logos. Not only can Everest provide memorable designs for your business, we’ll help you build trust with your clientele, and help you stand apart from your competitors. One of the best things you could do to catch prospects’ eyes is have an original logo associated with your business. A captivating and professional logo or other visual design can speak volumes to your customers about the pride you put into your business, and thus, giving assurance that you’ll provide them with equally professional and caring service.