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Postcards Grab Attention

A Postcard sends valuable information that you are trying to project to the public. The receiver looks at that postcard for mere seconds. An instant impression to encourage them to read further is required.

An eye-catching piece of art or an outstanding saying or statement will make someone stop in their tracks and do a double-take to pay attention! On the front of the card, use an outrageous photo! Put a Screaming Headline or question as an overlay and prospects will take a closer look.

A lawnmower or a stethoscope drawing on the front of the Postcard and you know what the subject is. The message is recognized even without reading the text. A clever, clear image can do all the talking .

You don’t need a complicated image to catch someone’s eye. Make it alluring and hard to look away. Bright colors instantly grab your attention when set against a plain or dark background. Composition and accent colors make for a visually interesting image. A bold photo also grabs attention. Black and white photo image or vintage sepia are styles that are very popular and memorable. A silly picture can grab our attention. Or a popular Meme can be the right voice of your Postcard.