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Where to Send People

Linking your ad, blog or newsletter to your landing page is how you lay out the road map in your marketing. Redirect traffic or clients to your website or a listing page or other informational pages with the Link option in your tools. You can send people to specific pages on your website or send your traffic from digital ads to the website home page.

You can also send them to Lead pages. Lead pages generate leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media. Lead pages are designed to capture contact information.

Internal linking is creating a link from one page of your website to another. Internal links are different from menu links. Menu links are part of the structure of the site as a whole, and usually lead users to main pages. Internal linking refers to actual text links within the content.

Your internal links should use anchor text as opposed to linked images. Anchor text is defined as the clickable text in a hyperlink.The Search Engine Optimization rules suggest that anchor text should be relevant to the page you're linking to. The blue, underlined anchor text is the most commonly used as a web standard. Just use natural sentence fragments as anchor text. Highlight a couple of strategic words and then link it to a page address. You do not need to link every time those strategic words appear. One time is plenty for the map! Image links are good but anchor text gives an immediate name for the destination page links.

Your content must have links and is linked to other pages or else it doesn’t get ranked and that means that it won’t get found in the internet world. And, as you can guess, if it is not found then it isn’t read get no responses.