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The Client - You're the Best!

Clients are the greatest source of advertising since sliced bread!

In business, you need to create a client or a customer and then you need to keep a client or customer! The formula for this task is done with a message that sticks and a performance that is worthy of fans. The key to a successful retention of clients and customers in business is to be consistent.

You can state all the standout points of your business that makes you different and you can claim that your customer is always satisfied. But, you must take a measurement of both of these points to get a clear picture of the direction you are going. That requires you to learn the dirty stuff, the good stuff and the Great stuff. This information gives you a map for improvement. Statistics show that just because a customer is satisfied with a transaction with your business, it does Not mean they will be loyal to your business.

Loyalty from the customer or client comes from the value or perceived value they place on the products or services compared to your competition. Another way to put it is that they received more value from you than from your competitors. Exceeding expectations is the message that you want your customers to receive. And you can keep track of this message’s results by simply asking them! Create a method to survey every customer with every action or service. This way you will know if you are exceeding those expectations and if you discover that things are not up to par, then you can immediately adjust. Loyal customers are your least expensive form of advertising and it is always wise to know exactly where they stand! You can also ask if they would recommend your service to their friends!