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Analytics Changing Industry

Who will buy my product? Who will want my service? How do I know what a prospect is looking for? How do I get them to do what I want? Data Analyzation Predictive analytics isn’t about drawing a straight line from one behavior to the next. Predictive algorithms take thousands of data points and uncover hidden trends and potential behaviors that are invisible to the naked eye. They have the power to change how we live and how we make decisions and we don’t even notice their daily influence. We have all had conversations about how funny it is that when we were looking up something like “frying a chicken”, that within minutes our newsfeed and ad space was filled with information about Frying, Chicken, Pan, Pot, Utensil, dinnerware and the list goes on. This all happened because of Predictive Algorithms! Algorithms are wreaking havoc on facebook users because if you don’t interact with others in a short period of time, you will not be seen in their newsfeeds. On Twitter, you have 8 seconds to capture the attention of your fans before it moves on in the feed cycle. Companies have been honing their algorithms to better predict consumer behavior and secure their place in crowded markets. There are several ways to apply predictive analytics so that you can understand business planning, intuitive follow-up, home search and broker recruiting. Predictive Analytics can optimize a buyer’s search for properties that match their lifestyle rather than their search criteria. You can offer recommendations to homebuyers by understanding what they are looking for based upon their searches on the internet and platforms such as Zillow, Trulia and even Amazon. Predictive Analytics can help in the planning and selling of new construction. Home builders do a lot of research when determining the next development site. They could identify patterns of other developments and understand why and how they were sold out. What was it the buyer wanted. Predictive Analytics are the way of the future. They will help in defining the target market. They will fine tune the approach to a prospect. And they will be a smoother avenue to the final result of a sale. At Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, we can provide highly-targeted mailing lists for your direct mail campaign. We base the lists we aggregate for you on your desired zip code or general area and the types of prospects you’d like to target for mailing. ​ Our mailing lists are highly reliable and contain the most up-to-date addresses as provided by the United States Postal Service. We also offer the service to run your mailing lists through an NCOA Update, which takes the names and addresses in your lists, scrubs it against the available USPS data, and updates all your records with appropriate forwarding addresses, as well as appending Zip+4 codes. ​ We pride ourselves in providing mailing lists that are highly accurate - resulting in less return mail, fewer wasted material costs and spoiled postage - and ensuring your direct mail gets delivered to the right house every time!

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