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Passion and Energy Equals Success

Success in the Real Estate World takes a strong combination of skills, market knowledge, and dedication along with an effective and consistent marketing program. In order to raise the bar and become someone Exceptional in the field, you need something that Puts You Above the Rest. Energy and Passion are key and may be the secret ingredient! I am currently living in a rental home and the owner has decided that it is time to sell. I am only interested in renting this home, so I get to watch from my corner office as realtors take people through my home. It has been an interesting journey being “the fly on the wall”! The first realtor giving a tour was a shocker. She knew nothing about the house, it’s age, layout, lot size or its proximity to amenities in town. I felt it was a bit of the blind leading the blind! But what caught me off guard is what she pointed out to the possible buyers. The chandeliers were out of date,,,the carpet was old...the closets were small...the kitchen counters needed up dating. Her descriptions of my “decrepit” home made me want to move immediately! And then, the very next day another realtor came through with a new couple. She pointed out how “open” the layout was, how clean the original carpets were, how there were so many closets and how well the original kitchen counters went with the kitchen cupboards and appliances. This realtor and her clients have toured the house a total of 3 times. Their interest was very high and I know their eagerness came from the enthusiasm of the realtor always pointing out the Positive. I believe that if a realtor knows the property, likes the property, they will have quick success in selling the property. I understand there will always be those properties that are just not to your liking and it is hard to fake your way through a tour. It is probably best to steer clients to the properties that you are drawn to and feel excited about. If you can imagine yourself living in the home, the easier it is to sell! Passion is very noticeable to all who witness it and it can also be contagious! Find something in every home and every client that you can feel great about and appreciate...their laughter,..a fireplace...their interest in gardening...a spa bathroom. When you have the excitement and the energy AND the passion, your cup will runneth over, as they say. I had an employee in a restaurant I owned who was always ALWAYS happy! She smiled and laughed and engaged co-workers and customers alike. One day, her mother called and said her daughter would be a bit late because she had been in an accident! I was so worried for my poor upbeat worker. But, when she arrived she was her normal happy, funny self! I asked her why she wasn’t upset about her car. And she stated quite matter of factly “Oh I’m ALLERGIC to negativity!” I never forgot that statement and every time I find myself going toward the negative, I quickly turn around and find the positive! If you know you are walking into a home that is a complete disaster, you need to find someone who is willing to look at the house as an opportunity and as an investor. Create the picture of what will happen when it is fixed up and the money that can be made on such a spectacular renovation. You can make them feel Energetic and Passionate about the opportunity. Positive thinking is something we should practice in all aspects of our lives. At Everest Direct Mail & Marketing we will Energetically, Enthusiastically and Passionately help you with all of your small, medium and large business needs with direct mail marketing, postcard printing and mailing as well as thousands of other services such as producing handwritten yellow letters for real estate investors.Everest Mail uses ESC approved recycled paper and we practice green direct mailer recycling standards.

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