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It's Senior Year

My grandmother was my age when I first understood the person and title “Grandma”. As I look in the mirror, I don’t see myself at her age at all. Of course, like most of us, I see myself at half my age. But I do understand (just like other marketers) that age definition has changed considerably in two generations. And yet, many still think of a Senior as an “Old Person”. You know the kind; one who walks bent over with a cane, can barely see and sits in a lounger chair all day. If you are thinking “old person” you may be putting us all into a category of clients who are ready to downsize, move to a retirement community or move to a retirement home. You may also be thinking that we’re in poor health and have diminished mental capacity. Well, as they say, painting us all with a broad brush is NOT the right angle. Lumping an entire population category into one group limits the possibilities. The True realities of the age group 55 to 100 is extremely diverse. Some seniors would like to move to a location with more opportunities to attend concerts, plays and sporting events. Some want to move to a condominium where others take care of lawn and yard maintenance and they can be free to travel, pursue hobbies and do volunteer work. Some want to move somewhere that they can raise a garden or keep some livestock. Many Seniors have not gone the “Retirement” route and are happily starting new careers as entrepreneurs. And then there are others who are perfectly happy to stay in a home that they love but may have become too big and yet feel they have room for children and grandchildren to visit. And then there are those who want to sell their home, get rid of their stuff and get in their motorhome and see the world! Seniors are a large, vital, active portion of any community and they are diverse! But, Boomers and Beyond find, upon making the decision of moving, downsizing, or traveling, that they have a home full of years of treasures and memories. And they must now figure out what to do with all of this Stuff! Many easily accept this accumulation disbursement by handing it off to the kids. Others can easily sort and toss. And then there are those who need help in figuring out what to keep, what to store and what to throw away. It can be daunting! Approaching this task as a way of being unburdened by household chores and unnecessary things helps the situation and makes things a bit easier.. As a realtor, you can help with the practical side of moving out and on. Include in prospecting letters that are targeted to this particular market, an offer to include an appointment with a “Senior Move Manager”. These wonderful people specialize in helping older adults and their families with the daunting process of downsizing and moving to a new residence. A series of letters can be composed that lightly address the feelings and emotions that comes with making these decisions. Offer the information they need before making a decision about what is next in their lives.You can suggest assistance in the way of putting them in touch with these professionals. These letters can be filled with kind words and statements and suggestions that softens the blow of a major change in one’s lifestyle and living arrangement. Describing the enormous job ahead with packing, sorting and moving and then offering your assistance will endear your efforts. Suggest a merchant, company or specialist that can help with the job. Offer your service as an advisor and show them how a sale will affect them financially. Assisting Boomers, Seniors, and Older movers and shakers will help position you as a person who will help and advise. At Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, our Yellow Letters Mail Program is customized to fit each clients’ needs and make every penny count. There are no limiting letter templates that bind you to just two or three content options – meaning no two mailers are alike and your letters are exclusive and one of a kind. Let us help you reach Seniors and help them celebrate this new adventure in life!

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