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Lead Nurturing Tips

Generating leads can be one of the most artful parts of a business.What do you do with a lead once you’ve gotten their information? Send emails? Mail a Postcard invitation to an Open House? Dispatch a yellow letter? No matter the niche you’re trying to target, warming up cold leads is a fundamental part of the marketing plan..

Your most recent Open House more than likely generated some leads with emails and phone numbers. Now it is on to the next step. You need to reach out but how and what should you say? Approaching a new prospect must be designed to target the audience. Were these new leads first time home buyers, seniors, couples with children? Your approach can make all the difference in your business’s success. You'll want to immediately follow up with a “So nice to meet you!” email or even a thank you note for attending the event. This is excellent for continuing the momentum. Next, set up on a "drip campaign" where occasional emails with real estate information are automatically sent to your prospect. They may not be ready to pick an agent just yet, but if you maintain communications, you will be on the front runner when they are ready! Sales start coming into reality between the 5th and 12th contact. So if you count the first contact at the Open house, you need to plan a Drip Campaign that will send emails for at least another month. Each one can be geared to your target with emails that address the various steps in getting to purchase the home. The style and reference of writing should be designed to the type of audience you are approaching. Seniors are very different than young couples with small children and their interests in real estate will be on opposite poles.You will need to be clear and strategic with your tactics. Variety of approach will keep your communication and conversation fresh and new. Email is a given, but add texts, Facebook and regular mail as all part of your campaign to make a prospect into a client. All of your conversations should be personal, short and on target. This approach allows an atmosphere of confidence and friendliness. Once you have established a friendly bond, you can help your leads and move your business forward! Drip Email marketing is an efficient and cost effective way to leverage your company’s growth potential. Automated email advertisements are scheduled to be sent out on specific timelines. This is a powerful way to gain new customers. Ultimately, success through Drip Email Marketing often comes down to timing. Drip email is great because it allows customers to not only receive new updates but also older ones that were written before they subscribed. By using an array of triggers, customers can be more accurately targeted. Everest Direct Mail & Marketing ensures that your potential clients are seeing the full picture when it comes to your business!

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