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Email Marketing - A Most Important Line

The national average of emails received a day by a single person is 88!! Email open rates (how many people open their email) are currently averaging around 30%, while click-through rates average 3.2% across industries. This means that about 1 in 11 opened emails gets a click-through.

So...How do you get someone to open that email? The Subject Line is the introduction to the email. And that box at the top of the screen is extremely important. A great subject line will get more clients and prospects to actually read your emails instead of deleting them with the rest of the junk. An email with a blank subject line will go unread or at least get lost in a full inbox. Get in the habit of writing the subject line before you write the email and you will never forget to announce your presence. It is so important to put the most important information at the beginning of your communication . When writing the Subject Line, get right to the point in about six to eight words. Be clear and specific about the topic of the email. You should communicate exactly what the email is about so that the recipient can prioritize the email’s importance without having to open it. Identify the subject and include your name if necessary. Example: “John Smith ABC Co Projections” is much more specific than “Projections”. Keep the Subject Line very simple and focused. If you are sending a marketing email, it should be focused on one deed, and that deed should be communicated in the subject line. Use keywords for search engines and for filtering. People have filters and folders set up to manage their email and where it automatically lands. Therefore, they won’t see your message when they first receive the email. That’s why it’s important to include keywords related to the topic of the email that will make it searchable later. In the Subject Line you can Indicate if you need a response. Make it clear in the subject line by saying “please reply” or “thoughts needed on X topic.” Or simply start the line with “Please read,” or tack on “no response needed” or “FYI” to the end. If someone referred you to write, make sure to use their name in the Subject Line. If you’ve been referred by a mutual acquaintance, do not save that for the body of the email. Put it in the subject line to grab the reader’s attention right away. If the email you are sending is a cold email to someone you don’t know, arouse the reader’s interest by offering them something that’s helpful. If you are providing a discount, or a service, make it clear in the subject line what’s in it for them. If possible, personalize the Subject Line i with the recipient’s name or company name. You know who you are sending the email to and they recognize that it’s about them or a subject interesting to them. Using their name or company name makes the recipient much more likely to open the email. Don’t Yell at your client so don’t put your words in your Subject Line in ALL CAPS. Using all caps is the digital equivalent of yelling, and you want your email easy and exciting to read. If you’re wanting to reach individuals but perhaps are unsure of whether you’d like to do direct mail to people’s mailboxes, we, at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, can help you create a virtual mail campaign directly to people’s inboxes instead.

With our highly skilled copywriters, we can create interesting and attention-grabbing emails to send out to prospects. We can create a full email marketing campaign, with follow up emails and automatic response emails that lead the clients directly to you.

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