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Prospecting for new clients can become boring and put you right into a rut! Trying out new ideas and methods can spice up the way you go about your business. Just like an exercise regimen, you do it in spurts of time. Do the same with your prospecting. Set aside 30 minutes, turn on the timer and pick up the phone! When the buzzer rings, you are done.This 30 minute strategy will soon become habit and will help you to get into action. On Facebook, instead of posting only listing information, post something about Lifestyle or Decorating or Gardening. Investigate events that are happening in the next month and post information about each. Contact the Chamber of Commerce and create an announcement funnel for local information. Openly invite questions and your prospect list will grow! Phone Home! Reconnect with your old real estate clients You probably spent weeks working for these people and got to know them well. Call ‘em up to catch up and just maybe the conversation will lead to leads! Share all your news and new happenings no matter how minor! I got an announcement from a paint shop that said they had redone their show room. They posted a corner of the new decor and it was enough of a tease that I went over to see what they had done! And Yes...I bought paint!! But you can send out a notification about a change of address, phone number or business name. And then report about a new service or a new associate. Of course, open houses, developments, and awards are guaranteed to be good news broadcasts. Don’t forget an email for a birthday, anniversary or graduation are always welcome news especially with a personal note! Parties can be the Perfect Event to do a little prospecting. Invite all your contacts and friends and associates! Have a BBQ and poolside evening at a local community pool. Rent a party room at a local go cart Fun Spot! Invite everyone to a picnic pavilion at a zoo or a sea park. You can also go into partnership with a non profit group and hold a fundraiser. Lots of ideas for a Party are out there for any time of year! If you have a group that have given you referrals on a regular basis, take them to lunch! Your network is valuable and they must be tended to. Your group can include attorneys, architects, inspectors, appraisers, loan originators, decorators and on and on. Find out what is happening in their businesses and post their information about their services and expertise on your website. Refresh your routines and strategies and re-energize your prospect hunt! We at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing would like to help with your strategies. Let us do prospecting for you by capturing prospects’ attention through the visibility of a customized, colorful postcard in their mailbox and watch your response rates soar! Postcards give a marketing advantage because they allow room for brief, targeted content.

At Everest direct Mail & Marketing, we can create colorful, attention-grabbing designs with your images, logo, and any content you’d like.

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