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Invoicing and Mailers

Statements, billing and invoicing are some of the most critical parts of any business and they simply have to work. The tedious activities of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing statements can become a problem because of the time consumption. Using an outside service can alleviate some of the stress. When you outsource billing services, you can achieve reduced operating expenses, better cash flow management, higher collection rates and peace of mind.Half of all businesses are expanding their outsourcing activities in order to save time, money, and strategically move their companies into more va

lue-focused activities. Outsourcing often allows a specialized team with experience to execute duties while reducing costs and time spent by employees..

The secret to on-time statement processing is speed. Mailing services should be closely monitored and quality control standards and accountability measurements applied.

When you send your invoices via snail mail, they should be professionally printed, stuffed in a double window envelope and sent via USPS. But, before they go into the mail, there are a few things that need to be double checked. Here is a check off list!

Proofread - Have more than one person review invoices for quality and accuracy before sending. Taking a final look before mailing can save you a significant amount of time and trouble later.

Itemize - Clearly detail what goods and services you are charging for. The more clearly you itemize your invoices, the less likely you are to make mistakes and the more likely your clients will clearly understand the charges.

Keep your contacts updated. One of the most common invoicing mistakes is sending your invoice to the wrong person or to a bad address. Make sure you confirm who should receive your invoice as well as the address.

Invoice regularly. Invoicing at regular intervals is the best way to keep track of what you have billed as well as when you were last paid. Letting invoices build up and then sending them out in bulk every once in awhile will have a direct affect on your bottom line.

Follow up regularly. Once your invoice is sent, there are still more steps to perform. It is not uncommon for many invoices to require reminders, second notices, and even follow-ups on the phone. Let your customers and clients understand you are serious about getting paid quickly and in full.