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The How Tos of Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are the epitome of a brief, poke of a message. Postcards are mailings that have already been opened and are ready to be read. Your message should be written so that the receiver wants to immediately read it and perhaps even keep the postcard. Postcards are a very good way to target a certain geographic area. More than any other marketing technique, postcards allow you to target local areas with pinpoint accuracy. Real estate postcards start a conversation. In the beginning, you shouldn’t expect to receive a large amount of traffic after your first round of postcard mailing.Consider it an investment in your future. Postcards help you get a few leads in the short term, but where they really succeed is in the long-term. The more a potential lead sees information about your business, the more of a brand awareness you develop and the more likely they will be to reach out to you in the future.

Target the List

You can target your postcards to a specific demographic. If you are using your own mailing list or one that you’ve purchased from a service, you can target only the people who will most likely respond to your call-to-action. The people who live in the neighborhood of your just listed or just sold house are the ones most likely to be curious about it. You can create interest and get more leads from just one postcard campaign.