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Promotional Videos for Realtors

You Tube, Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat, email video, website videos, training, touring, invitations, the world has gone Movie Mad!! Realtors now need more than just the mail or a telephone call or open houses or meet and greets to reach and entice prospective clients. More than 50% of prospective home buyers use YouTube as their primary video research. Realtors need Videos or Mini Movies. Online video has become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses of all kinds, especially for Realtors.

Here are a few ideas for Videos for Realtors.

Interview Videos: Filming short testimonial interviews with a few of your sellers or buyers, can offer a reference guide for a new client. It can show first hand how great you are to work with and what the whole experience was like. You can shoot mortgage lenders, home inspectors, decorators and attorneys all assuring in their performance. Include people and businesses that best fit the viewers needs and how they can help them find the right home.

Informational Videos: Creating short, educational videos on real estate subjects with questions and answers provides value to buyers and sellers. These short, videos allows viewers to learn at their own pace and can stretch your reach through social media. They should be a helpful and well informed real estate resource.

Local Business Review Videos: Buying a home includes buying the neighborhood.The best stores and restaurants, a bakery a golf course, art gallery or even grocery store offer an ideal focus for your real estate marketing videos.Home buyers want to know what the community is like. They want to know makes this community special. Give potential home buyers a feel for their future neighborhood with short videos and reviews of local businesses and other community features.Provide a valuable resource to your clients. Put another local business in the limelight and highlight local brands that provide valuable services.

Live Stream: A hot new trend in marketing right now is live-streaming. Live-streaming lets you communicate via video with home buyers and sellers in real time. It’s the perfect venue for engaging with a broad audience over the web. Conduct a virtual open house. Show your out-of-town buyers the neighborhood. Host a Q&A for first-time home buyers. Not only is live-streaming an effective video marketing tool, it’s really easy to do. Popular live-streaming apps like Periscope (available on Google Play and the App Store), Meerkat (available on Google Play and the App Store), and Facebook Live, allow you to easily broadcast your live-streaming video on social media, increasing your reach.

Listing Videos: By showing your listings you represent in an attractive and engaging video, you can effectively attract new leads. Most smartphone cameras can shoot very high quality photo and video. Combine that with free editing apps and easy-upload capabilities, and you’ve got a high-quality video marketing studio. Feature what makes this property unique or particularly appealing, add a combination of video clips, still photos, and voice narration to keep your audience engaged. With a visual tour marketing software like Paradym, you can automatically create visual tour listing videos and share them to social media just by listing them to your MLS. Apps make shooting video from your smartphone or tablet as easy as ever. Live-streaming apps like Camera Plus, Magisto, and Viddy, including Periscope and Meerkat offer real-time looks at your clients’ residences.

Home Buyer/Seller Advice Videos: Videos that explain how to save for a home, or ways to look for mortgage lenders, how to determine if it’s a seller’s market, and other similar topics for your YouTube channel are all pieces that can help turn you into a reliable resource for buyers and sellers in your market.There are many buyer and seller tips-and-tricks video concepts for your niche audience.

Testimonial Videos: Happy clients are the best advertisers for your real estate brand.

Testimonial videos let home buyers show off their purchase and brag about how wonderful you are. Shoot video of your client explaining how you were a problem solver and made the biggest event seem like an everyday occasion. If you had a great working relationship and the client was happy with the end result, a quick, authentic testimonial video can go a long way.

How-to Videos: Share educational resources and your real estate know-how with quick “how-to” videos. Sharing your personal tricks and advice on some of the complicated topics in real estate helps the process for viewers become less complicated and you become the Mentor.

Humorous Videos: Humor is the perfect sales tool. To capture an audience quickly, use humor in your videos. Humor offers an opportunity to set yourself apart and make a splash in the industry .A good sense of humor can tell the story of your brand. Holiday or event-themed real estate videos can personalize your brand.

Instagram & Snapchat Videos: Instagram, Snapchat, Vine (among many others) are great, emerging platforms to showcase your personality and differentiate yourself. These platforms should provide super-quick tips, and just show off your personality. They are very short and are snapshots of what is happening. If you have a new listing, record a tour and post it in fast motion just to pique the interest. Pay attention to detail and focus in on one fine detail. Bits and pieces in these short films creates intrigue.

Year-in-Review Videos: A good way to wrap up the year is with a year-in-review. Share stats of how many deals you closed and images and clips of your clients in their new homes or in front of their sold signs. Be creative and take some time to thank your clients who have made your year so successful. No dialogue is necessary for these quick videos. Make them visually appealing and informative and share with your email lists and YouTube subscribers at the end of every calendar year.

A unique, interesting and short promotional video can help display your business and the products and services you provide, while adding to your professionalism and helping your name stick within a person’s mind.

Everest Direct Mail and Marketing employs talented multi-media producers, highly trained and skilled in all aspects of video creation. Let us create an original and captivating promotional video for your business!

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