LIFE is a Blog Post

Blogging is habit forming.

Blogging is interesting.

Blogging is colorful and creative and can be a journey.

Blogging is also necessary for anyone with a website so that more people can find you in the vast landscape of the internet!

But, with this much blogging, subject matter can get a bit thin and hard to come by.

Here are some ideas for finding ideas to write about on your blog!

Have a plan. Layout a month’s worth of blogging material and subject matter. You could theme the month so that each blog is a part of the Master Theme. October could be all about Fall. Home decor, getting the garden ready for winter, attic insulation and the third quarter financial predictions are easy fall subjects. Also, having a plan allows you to do crossover research which cuts back on the amount of time spent writing.One subject easily leads to another, so if there is writer’s block, just think “seasonal” and blogging ideas should flow.

Writer’s block can be a problem. When searching for a subject to blog, ask “What are others blogging about? What seems to be going on in the world that everyone is talking about?” Read other people’s blogs and you will find that suddenly you have an opinion or knowledge on a subject that you would like to share.

Read a newspaper or watch the news on TV. A million ideas can come from a 15 minute session of scoping the papers and the online news site or on TV news sources.

Photographs are everywhere and can easily conjure up a topic you would like to write about. Photos are representative of one’s life, family, friends and business adventures. All worthy of stories and excellent content.

Clients can be an excellent resource for lessons to teach and to blog. If a client asks a question about something they are not understanding - it’s a Blog subject. If you and your clients have succeeded in acquiring an interesting property or business - It’s a Blog subject. Legal terms, certain types of paperwork, appraisers and searchers can all be worthy themes to use for teaching your followers. Mortgage regulations from the local, state, or federal government, or new commercial developments, first time buyers, moving into a new home and how to unpack, what is happening in town are all subjects that are right in line with your business.

Then there is the internet. You can spend hours searching Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or just googling “real estate”, “decorating”, “moving into a new home”, “first time home buyer” and find a vast amount of information for you to write on your blog!

Just for entertainment value, you can write a restaurant review, or several blogs about all of the schools (public, private, charter, specialty, college and university) in your area. Events in a community are very important to the attraction of the area. Write about all of the events. Contact your Chamber of Commerce for a list and pick their brain on other strategic happenings.

After you have tackled the “Subject Matter” dilemma, then you have to write the blog.

A basic overview is that your audience must find the blog informative and valuable and makes them go to your website frequently. Pay close attention to your introduction and conclusion. These are the “Hook” and the “Landing” of blog writing. Of all aspects of your blog posts, the introduction and the conclusion are the most important to get right. You need to hook the readers from the first sentence and then leave them with closing thoughts that help them understand what they’ve just read.

Everything that we see, do and live through is subject matter for blogs. Sometimes, it feels as though ALL of your life is a Blog. But blogs can be an integral part of your business by showing your personality, giving information, reaching out to new prospects and even becoming a leader in your field.

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