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Effective Prospecting Ideas

Prospecting in the world of real estate is a vast project. There are so many different types of potential prospects that your search must be geared for the crowd that you want exactly! So, real estate prospecting ideas must be on a very clear path to find the most effective prospecting tactics.

Referrals are Every agent dream. They just walk in the door at the request of someone else. Getting a call from someone who tells you that they are a friend of a client of yours and they want you to sell their house for them is the best feeling! A referral based business is an excellent goal, but it is going to take effort to get there! You’ve got to be a good agent first and foremost and then you have to maintain or surpass that status! On top of being a great agent, you’ve got to be willing to ask for referrals. Even your most adoring clients may not have you at the top of their minds every single day.

Here are a few tips when asking your past clients for more business.

Developing a personal relationship should be a main goal with your existing clients. When you call or send them a message asking for a referral, spend the first few minutes talking about regular everyday chit chat and then get into the referral question. Make it clear what you want them to do. P