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Keywords And Your Niche

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your ultimate goal for your blog, your website and your postings. There are tricks to maximizing the number of visitors to a your website. By using certain keywords you can ensure that your site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. In writing your pages, commenting on posting or blogging about real estate, there are particular words that can help you create the best content for traffic. Keywords are words or phrases that are the main subject of your website or a particular page on the website or the main subject of a blog

First, there are Generic words. These words show up everywhere and more than likely appear on every realtors site. An example is “real estate” or “find a home” or “ duplex”. These words are all good, but everyone is using them and you may get lost in the search.

Next, is Local words. These words are more specific and detailed, such as “San Francisco real estate” and “San Francisco homes” and “San Francisco spacious three bedroom duplex”. These words start tightening the search and drawing into your specialty. They are much more specific.

Hyper Local words are Keywords that are even more specialized. Again, more samples: “San Francisco Historic real estate”: “San Francisco Historic Jackson Square”: “Luxurious three bedroom loft in Historic Jackson Square San Francisco”.

To get started, pick 10 keywords and make them as specific as possible for your blog, website or listing. Very specific words related to the subject you are writing about and leading your viewers back to your website are the Keywords you are looking for. They should be universal words that everyone uses while researching on line. Zoom in on hyper-local keywords such as particular neighborhoods or certain zip codes.Here are a few to consider while writing. Create a page with this keyword as the subject. Write 500-1000 words about that keyword and include the word five or ten times. Post the blog on your website. You soon should be able to track your ranking on Google.

Here are a few words to get you started:


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How to find a real estate agent

Selling a home

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Marketing your home

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Short sales

For sale by owner

Listing property for sale by owner

Selling your home by owner

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