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The Buyers List

A Real Estate Investor needs a Buyers List as their Basic tool. It is the list that is used when they are actively looking for new investment opportunities in a given area. Usually it is nothing more than names, email addresses and maybe phone numbers. Putting together such a list is an ongoing necessity. This list begins when the real estate business begins with the few contacts you know with investment money. The real question is how do you grow it? The following are a few suggestions to increase the number of interested investors!

Everyone uses Facebook and it is a great resource for finding investors. At the top of the page, put “real estate investor”. Anyone using those words as their job description will pop up. You can add the name of the town you are interested in to “real estate investor” to get more specific. Start putting their contact information whether it is their Facebook address or if they have a business email onto the list. Make sure you check their friends list for real estate information as they may be investors, too. When you message them as an introduction or as a friend request, send along a message asking them to be on your list.

Your local newspaper is an excellent resource. You can place an ad that announces an “Investor Special”. Include words that are enticing such as “below market”, “won’t last”, and “special”. When investors call, get all of their contact information and put it into your Buyers List database When another special deal comes along, you have a growing list to contact. Run the ads for at least 8 weeks even if the property sells. You are attempting to grow a list!