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The Business of Relocation

It can be intense and a bit frantic, but working with relocation clients and companies is often personally, financially and professionally rewarding. 1.5 million employer-assisted relocation's take place each year and working with relocation clients can add to your sales volume. And, you get to enjoy meeting people relocating from other parts of the country or world and making them feel at home in your community. Heartfelt thank-you letters sent to you by families who have moved 2,000 miles make the relocation niche personally rewarding.

Change is a stressful situation for anyone but imagine being given a new job in a new location and you have to move your wife who has a great job, and your children who are well established in their schools and sports teams. These factors are all things to consider before a move and they can cause a great deal of stress for the entire family.

Corporate mergers, reorganizations, and new job openings are reasons for companies to move employees from one location to another, around the country or the world. When there are two careers, school-age children, and multigenerational households, moving can impact more than just the transferee. Relocation divisions of real estate companies have experience in dealing with the logistical and financial aspects of moving an employee. This experience makes them an integral part of the collaboration between the employee, the corporation and the moving process. .