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Create a Direct Marketing Campaign

Direct Marketing is a way to conduct a test in a particular market quickly, cheaply and with reliable statistical results. You will know rapidly if this is a market that will give you the results that you are looking for. Direct Mail will work with your own mail list that you have developed or with one that you have purchased. And then there are the lists that you can purchase that have already been analyzed and edited to contain only the types of people that you are looking to market to directly!

There are many advantages for using Direct Mail. You can target recipients precisely. With Direct Mail, you can start out with a modest-size mailing to study the response and make sure you can handle the results and response. The costs can be small. You can create your own type of mailing campaign to fit your exact budget.

Direct mail can happen fast without months of pre-planning and analyzing. With a moderate campaign to a particular target audience, you can buy a mailing list, create letters, fliers, postcards, and reply cards and start mailing and then begin receiving responses in just a few weeks.

You can test different types of approaches so that you can study which one works the best with the most positive responses. Then, on a repeat mailer you can go with the letter that generated the largest reaction. Keep reworking your letter until you have a solid base of consistent numbers. You can mail to the same list again with a slightly different mailing and still get worthwhile results. Markets of prospects are endless. Each time you mail, find a new niche for your listings.

Newsletters can be created and mailed out six times a year to your mailing lists. It only needs to be a single page and it should include lots of "idea starters" to get them to respond to your offers.

Send your mailing list a "Rewards Offer" special mailing. If they respond in a certain amount of time them get a coupon or a ticket for a local event.

Using highly-targeted mailing lists, coupled with unique letters and envelopes, direct mail campaigns ensure your potential customers heed your message by putting your advertisements directly into their hands. In the spam-riddled world of today’s online marketing, using direct mail to publicize yourself makes every cent of your marketing budget count with a high chance for a strong return on your investment.

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the best advertising strategies you or your business could utilize to reach customers and prospective clients. It is cost-effective, versatile, highly customizable, quick and easy to set up, reliable and helps you stand out from the typical marketing routines of your competitors. The advantages of direct mail marketing are limitless! Also, the results of your marketing efforts can be measured and tracked easily when using direct mail – no more complicated analytics or time wasted wondering what works and what doesn’t. Everest Direct Mail and Marketing will help design your campaign, develop a mailing list and get those letters out in a hurry and on schedule!

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