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Yellow Letters Work Well

Yellow letters work! They work well! And here are the reasons that Yellow Letters work so well.

  • They Stand Out

  • They Get read

  • Their Message is Clear

Yellow Letters stand out in the mail because they are designed to look different than any other piece of mail in a person’s mailbox. It is not a bill or an advertisement and it looks personal. It is a curiosity provoker! The receiver wants to open it.

Yellow letters are personalized to the recipient so they get opened and they get read. They should have the person’s name right at the top of the letter and they should have the address of the property you are inquiring about. Personalization increases readership. When someone gets a handwritten letter in the mail, they rarely throw it away without reading it first! The message gets through!

The main ingredient of the yellow letter is that it has a basic message with a simple call to action The Message is Clear and Concise. The letter is short which will increase readership. The message is clear and there isn’t any extra information on the letter. It states why you are writing to them. And it states what we want them to do. If you want them to go to your website, make a phone call, answer a questionnaire, yellow letters can do an amazing job of getting people to do anything that you want them to!

Yellow Letters are ideal to find great real estate deals, build a buyers list and to find private investors to fund your business transactions..

The Everest Direct Mail and Marketing Yellow Letters mail program is customized to fit each client's needs and make every penny count. There are no limiting letter templates that bind you to just two or three content options – meaning no two mailers are alike and your letters are exclusive and one of a kind.

You have free reign on what you put in your letter, including the type of handwritten font, the color and size of the font, and whatever content and merge fields you’d like to include. This way, you can be sure your yellow letter is unique and will stand out from any other yellow letter mailer.

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