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Realtors and Self Promotion

Any business owner has to spend a great deal of time shouting to the world who they are and promoting their business and company. Realtors find themselves having to do the shouting with small budgets and they must do personal marketing to stand out from the competition. Your objective should be to become a celebrity. Being a celebrity means people in a the area know your face, your name, and what you do for a living. You don’t have to be famous for just your face, you can become the expert realtor with the waterfront properties or the country club homes. You can come up with a unique “angle” to stand out from every other agent. You should be the focus of your self-promotion. You need to be unique. You must have a gimmick or a hook. What makes you unique and different? And then, you add this uniqueness in your logo and slogan.

Start by sending postcards and letters! Although a large number of potential home buyers and home sellers start with an online search for comparable homes before they talk to an agent, they do not ignore print communication. If your material is engaging and printed on good quality paper and includes your unique point of view, they take note and contact you especially if the advertising is well-crafted.