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Postcards are Gold

Prospecting for leads can be time-consuming, frustrating and discouraging. But...there is hope! There are many ways of generating leads, Social media, billboard advertising, Chamber of commerce socials, but there is one way that hangs tough over all the years. Postcards! Direct Mail Postcard is still the strongest option for generating seller leads. It doesn’t matter which demographic if income, age, or area, the tried and true Postcard maintains the best results for a direct Mail campaign.

There are many reasons realtors use marketing postcards. They are the perfect way of getting your name directly into the homes of the people who could use your help. They can help you stand out from others and establish you as a trusted authority.

Even though the internet and social media seem to be the communication channel that so many use, direct mail postcards still prove their relevancy as a must-have within the real estate marketing. Direct mail has many advantages and is a proven, superior strategy to find prospective home sellers, connect with them, and maintain real estate farming and sphere of influence lists.

About 88% of all home sellers and buyers will work with a realtor at some point during their buying or selling process. So, it’s not a question whether prospects need your services; it’s a matter of being remembered when the time is right. Every real estate agent needs a high quality mailing list. Having a quality list is one of the best ways to regularly get your name in front of home sellers and buyers to maintain a lasting connection with them.

Most people don’t get more than a handful of direct mail marketing items in their mailbox on a daily basis but they may get a hundred emails in a day. Scanning your email box and trashing 50% of it without reading is par for the course. Savvy real estate agents know that recipients don’t have the time or the desire to read every email they get. To ensure their messages get noticed, top real estate professionals rely heavily on direct mail. Prospects will sort through their mail immediately after they get it. And, people check their mailbox every day.

Marketing postcards are not faced with hacking or virus problems like their email counterparts. Graphics or an intriguing offer can be the guarantees that a recipient will read your entire postcard. Realtors know that people trust direct mail more than they trust any form of online communication. Plus, direct mail boasts a 100% open rate. Postcards also provide their own way of including an attachment, such as adding a magnet, business card, or another printed piece that can extend the shelf life of your message.

A major part of real estate farming is nurturing relationships within target neighborhoods. Being friendly and unique is a great way to connect with prospective home sellers on a personal level. Direct mail postcards are a great way to consistently arrive into the homes of these prospects. Personalizing your communication by using their name in the greeting and then by targeting your message to their needs shows that you understand their problems and have a solution.

Direct mail postcards target their prospects. They tailor their message to the audience based on specific characteristics. With deep targeting capabilities, you can mail to your perfect prospects at the right time, making your communication relevant to your audience.

A marketing postcard leaves a more lasting impression than a simple email. Realtors use intriguing images, bold colors and “hook” lines for the greatest impact. It has always been a personal, versatile, and creative way to get inside a prospective clients home. Direct mail postcards have remained the gold standard in real estate.

Postcards are a great eye-catching, tangible marketing tool, formatted to your specific preferences and needs, with endless customization in a multitude of sizes – regular, over-sized, and custom cut. We, at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, can create colorful, attention-grabbing designs with your images, logo, and any content you’d like to include – using your own design or one created uniquely for you by our talented and experienced designers. Postcards give a marketing advantage because they allow room for brief, targeted content; they’re an easy read, meaning less of a chance a client will get bored reading it, and no need to worry about open rates.

Capture prospects’ attention through the visibility of a customized, colorful postcard in their mailbox and watch your response rates soar!

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