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Postcards are Gold

Prospecting for leads can be time-consuming, frustrating and discouraging. But...there is hope! There are many ways of generating leads, Social media, billboard advertising, Chamber of commerce socials, but there is one way that hangs tough over all the years. Postcards! Direct Mail Postcard is still the strongest option for generating seller leads. It doesn’t matter which demographic if income, age, or area, the tried and true Postcard maintains the best results for a direct Mail campaign.

There are many reasons realtors use marketing postcards. They are the perfect way of getting your name directly into the homes of the people who could use your help. They can help you stand out from others and establish you as a trusted authority.

Even though the internet and social media seem to be the communication channel that so many use, direct mail postcards still prove their relevancy as a must-have within the real estate marketing. Direct mail has many advantages and is a proven, superior strategy to find prospective home sellers, connect with them, and maintain real estate farming and sphere of influence lists.

About 88% of all home sellers and buyers will work with a realtor at some point during their buying or selling process. So, it’s not a question whether prospects need your services; it’s a matter of being remembered when the time is right. Every re