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Marketing on Facebook

Ahhhh Facebook! The hub of all things social! Facebook is so much more that just posting a funny comment or two, adding a bright colored background or getting people to “LIKE” you. Facebook is actually fairly complicated. There are lots of tricks for getting yourself noticed and for interacting with other members. Here are a few tips for your Facebook business page

The "About" section of your Facebook Home page is where people go first to find out what you are all about. This is the place you tell your story. History, philosophy, interests and theme should all be included very briefly in this section. People like to “look you over” before they decide to LIKE your page!

The "Milestones" feature lets you highlight some of your business's biggest accomplishments. Awards, events, newspaper write ups and new product releases are all things that can go on the Milestone list and these will be featured on your timeline.

Tabs come automatically and are set as timeline, about, photos, likes and more. These are at the top of your page and under the “More” name, a drop down list appears and you can rearrange the tabs. If you are trying to promote a special event, you can move the tabs around so that Events appears first. You can also create custom tabs by going to the “manage tabs” label and writing in the name of your new category.