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The Story of your Business

It has long been known that telling a story will make a point or issue much clearer and easier to understand. If you want to tell the world the story about you and your business. you’ve got to be unique to be seen and heard. Storytelling is the way to achieve that. People want to hear a well-told story more than they want to hear the facts.Telling a story triggers emotions and charm and strong memories. If you want your business to be remembered, tell a story.

Tell how you started your business and what your business does. Explain what makes your business unique. Dealing with risk to get the business started in the early days; the barriers that kept you from immediate success: what hard lessons you had to learn in order to succeed are all of the elements for a good story. These things create your brand and solidifies an image in the minds of your readers.Telling this story of you and your business can be done through Blogs, “About” pages on your social media accounts, Ebooks and training manuals. The stories you tell, if told properly, will create a following and that following will eventually become your clients. Stories put information into a format that wakes up our minds and then goes right to our emotional side.

Learning to tell a good story takes a bit of training and there are certain characteristics that are common to every story.. According to Google, these elements are theme, plot, story structure, character, setting and style and tone.