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Interesting Places to Advertise

Advertising is a tricky task. But it must be done. But where do you place your ads for the best return and result. Creativity can help with design and concept and color and copy. But, where you place your advertising can make all the difference. Unique ad placement in unexpected places helps anchor your business in the minds of those that see it. Think product placement in movies and the influence that has on the consumer or the banner in the sky with an airplane pulling a company motto and logo. These spark a memory every time you see the name of the business or product. Placing an advertisement in a unique venue or on an interesting item will not only influence prospects but will help your business stand out in a crowded market. The following are a few suggestions for you to consider placing your advertising.

Baggage Claim and Airport Gates: People are waiting in line for a long time. This is a great way to entertain them. Design an ad that is memorable, bright and fun. Have it placed at the gate, baggage carousel or in waiting areas, lounges and restaurants. Seat covers, trash cans and wall signs are all available for ad space at the airport. Put your name on them all! Just remember to design the ad in such a way that it makes the whole area light up!

Grocery Store Checkout Conveyor Belts: The checkout conveyor looked at by hundreds of people a day. If you place an ad on the belt, it needs to be designed to be read quickly. But, if you can get your ad on those belts in grocery stores all over town, your name will be noticed by thousands.

Golf carts: If you have a golf course nearby, you have a place to advertise. Many courses offer space on the back of their carts to put your name or even an ad. Make sure the design can be seen from far away at at the speed of a cart. Printing custom stickers that can be affixed to golf cart dashboards, steering wheels, and exterior moldings can help you reach a large audience also.

Municipal Property: Many towns and cities sell ad space on vehicles, telephone poles, sidewalks, buildings, dumpsters, architecture, and other civic property to help offset operating expenses without increasing taxes. Print stickers or magnetic signs that can be placed on these items.

Lamp Posts and CrossWalk Poles: People crossing a walk look at the sign. Many towns offer the space below the sign as a location for advertising. You have at least 10 seconds to make an impression with a bright and colorful ad. Lamp posts always make a good spot to grab someone’s attention.

Cars Moving Billboards! That is what they are called There are millions of cars on the roads, and millions of people looking for ways to help pay for gas. One way both parties can be a winner is through car advertising. Via magnetic signage, or custom wraps, rent out a few cars and have them drive around with your Logo or ad. Everyone in town will know who you are.

Doctors' Offices: Print stickers and ask to have them placed on waiting room magazine covers, posters for the walls and brochures. See if you can place stickers on free samples or on ceilings, especially in dentists' offices where patients lie on their backs during check-ups and procedures.

Restrooms Stalls: Stickers are the perfect medium for displaying your message in a restroom stall. Some restaurants and other facilities have a frame on the back of the door that a printing sheet with your ad on it right into the slot. Don’t forget to ask about restrooms in not only restaurants and nightclubs, but also in large box stores and gas stations.

Pizza Boxes Pizza: is one of the most popular take-out items in the country, delivered to millions of American households each month. Sometimes pizza stores will have a space on the box for an ad. If not, it is possible to ask about inserting a flyer inside the boxes when they go out for delivery.

Here are a few more ideas to put your name, your Logo and your ad.

  • Tray tables at the movie theatre

  • Airplane trays

  • Mouse Pads

  • Floor of the public swimming pool

  • The side of the Zamboni

  • Hockey rink

  • Umbrellas at an outside cafe

  • Side of bus

  • Elevators and escalators

  • Taxis

  • Shopping bags

A captivating and professional logo or other visual design can speak volumes to your customers about the pride you put into your business, and thus, giving assurance that you’ll provide them with equally professional and caring service. We at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing can create an exciting logo or design that will capture clients’ attention and make you stand out in your field. Not only can Everest provide memorable designs for your business, we’ll help you stand apart from your competitors.

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