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Interesting Places to Advertise

Advertising is a tricky task. But it must be done. But where do you place your ads for the best return and result. Creativity can help with design and concept and color and copy. But, where you place your advertising can make all the difference. Unique ad placement in unexpected places helps anchor your business in the minds of those that see it. Think product placement in movies and the influence that has on the consumer or the banner in the sky with an airplane pulling a company motto and logo. These spark a memory every time you see the name of the business or product. Placing an advertisement in a unique venue or on an interesting item will not only influence prospects but will help your business stand out in a crowded market. The following are a few suggestions for you to consider placing your advertising.

Baggage Claim and Airport Gates: People are waiting in line for a long time. This is a great way to entertain them. Design an ad that is memorable, bright and fun. Have it placed at the gate, baggage carousel or in waiting areas, lounges and restaurants. Seat covers, trash cans and wall signs are all available for ad space at the airport. Put your name on them all! Just remember to design the ad in such a way that it makes the whole area light up!

Grocery Store Checkout Conveyor Belts: The checkout conveyor looked at by hundreds of people a day. If you place an ad on the belt, it needs to be designed to be read quickly. But, if you can get your ad on those belts in grocery stores all over town, your name will be noticed by thousands.