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Perfect Marketing Campaigns

Ahhhh! The Perfect Marketing Campaign! !00% response would be a dream come true! But...reality sets in! So how do you find the perfect marketing campaign? Who do you go to for a high response rate? What do you put in the campaign materials? When should you send out perfect mailers? Where do you send materials for great results? All great questions that deserve great answers. The following is a list of points to consider in developing a campaign that will create high percentage results and effectively yield high profits.

First, you have to figure out who your audience is and what you want to achieve with that audience. After you have decided upon the type of audience you want to address, then you can figure out the approach, the design and the message for this particular campaign. You can consider the goals you want to achieve so that you can measure the success of this campaign.

Next, you have to make a decision about how you are going to reach the prospects of your campaign. Are you going to use television, radio, billboards, or print? And then will you use email, postcards, direct mail, brochures or flyers? You can use one or all of these or a variation of the offerings. It just depends on how thorough a campaign you want to implement. The manner is which you saturate the market depends on what your message is and who your target audience is. If you choose to use multiple avenues, make sure that your message and offer is the same along with the design and copy. Consistency across all mediums is essential in a single campaign.